Final Fantasy XI and computer issues

May 2, 2010

Recently I picked up a copy of Final Fantasy XI from Steam to play with a few people. This is my first experience with the game so it has taken a while to get used to the controls etc. Now, above all, I’d like to say that playing with a controller is so much better than using a keyboard to play this, as it was designed to play just like a Final Fantasy game, using menus instead of keybinds for combat and so on. Being a Final Fantasy fan, this really does make the game enjoyable for me because it is exactly that: a Final Fantasy game (but with multiplayer). Also, for the first time in an MMORPG, I am actually interested in the game’s story, which sets it apart from games such as Aion or Ragnarok Online for me. I’m not entirely sure whether this is due to bias towards the fact that the game is part of the Final Fantasy series but there is just something there which draws me in and to want to play more.

The game’s art and music are elements which surprised me too. Final Fantasy XI was first released back in 2002 and even so, the visuals of the game are made so that you don’t consider a factor of realism: you are in a fantasy world and it is made to look like you are in one. Too often you come across games which are under the ‘fantasy’ genre, yet strive to be realistic in terms of graphics. This creates a clash between fantasy and reality which, to me, doesn’t appeal to what I expect of the genre. That said, I wouldn’t want to play something which looked like barely any effort had been spent on the flesh and make-up of a game but there comes a point where, ultimately, the game is trying to be too realistic for what it actually is. The style that Squaresoft chose for Final Fantasy XI appeals to me greatly, it is soft yet not dull and the textures are inviting and pleasing to the eye. The music is another element of the game which I enjoy greatly. Often when playing an MMORPG many people and myself included will grow tired of the game’s soundtrack after listening to the same town, field or dungeon music after hearing it a hundred times. For me, FF11 is not like that. The music is often the key to the atmosphere in any game in any genre and FF11’s soundtrack does not fail to please my ears no matter how many times I’ve listened to it and makes me feel part of the game rather than just playing it to pass the time as I would normally do with any MMOG

FF11 is a good MMORPG but there is no doubt in that matter that it is dated. The community is probably peanuts compared to how it was a few years ago and especially so due to the next MMO that is being released, FF14. However, news of FF14 may have brought people to the old game, which I am evidence of and so are the people I’m currently playing with. Unfortunately, I don’t think I’ll be seeing myself playing FF11 when 14 is released as it simply wouldn’t be worth playing both but I intend to get my money’s worth and enjoy the game for as long as I can!

Now, moving on to the next topic at hand…

For over a year now, my computer has been plagued with frequent, random and, most of all, frustrating blue screens. It all started when I first reinstalled vista due to the first installation having an issue with the installer package which meant I would have to install everything, which used .msi files, manually in command prompt which was incredibly frustrating at times, as often you get executable files which eventually lead to an msi file which you can’t (or I couldn’t anyway) get access to. So after installing vista on this machineĀ  again, that issue was fixed however an even bigger issue was created. Ever since then I have had to put up with frequent and random BSoDs which seem to be caused by either my graphics card, or the drivers although after looking in to the issue on the internet, I found out there is an almost limitless amount of causes which could make this happen and it could either be down to bad hardware, bad software and sometimes even a mixture of the two. I am currently testing out a lot of things which could determine whether this is a hardware of software problem and hopefully fix it once I find the real cause of this nightmare.

Anyway… It has been a while since I last posted anything on here and I hope to have more interesting things to say in the future!


Boxing day – a day of rest and vidya.

December 26, 2009

Christmas was a great day! I travelled yesterday with my parents to Dorset to spend Christmas day with my grandparents and ate a marvelous roast dinner (and perhaps a tad few too many glasses of red wine).

With regards to gifts, I got what I had asked for, touhou 6, 7 and 8 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 for the PS3. My brother bought me Afro Samurai also for the PS3, which I had been up playing from midnight to about 6am (probably wasn’t a good idea…). Today on Boxing day, I tried out MW2 and was pleasantly surprised at how the game plays as this is my first CoD game that I have owned before. The SP (single player) mode follows after the story of Modern Warfare 1, which I have not played, however this does not seem to detract from the enjoyment of the game and so far it doesn’t seem like I’m missing out on too much. I played a few rounds on the MP (multiplayer) online which also played quite smoothly (a few issues with server lag here and there but that can vary between different games).

The things I hadn’t asked for were also very nice: some clothes, driving theory aids, men’s cologne and a funny looking mini-sofa with a hole in the middle of it for drinks to rest on with a handy compartment in the back for a bottle opener.

I hope that everyone who celebrates Christmas, in whatever way be it religious or simply to be together with friends/family, enjoyed the day!


1st post lol11!!! (also merry christmas)

December 24, 2009

This blog will be for recording things that happen and so on because I have issues with long-term memory loss and due to the fact that I am not badass enough to keep a diary.